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The virtual platform will remain available until 31 July 202.


  • Select your favorite sessions to build your own agenda
  • Attend Q&A live sessions: interact with presenters and other participants
  • Watch pre-recorded video’s (Oral and Poster presentations)
  • Download full papers
  • Visit Exhibitors and Partners areas (Video, PDF, Networking…)
  • Network within the community: meet-up, message, chat, like…
  • The application will remain online 6 months after the conference
  • Receive notifications, announcements from organizers and calendar updates


Zoom® will be used for all livestream sessions of the conference.
Access is possible from an individual link directly integrated into the virtual application.
It is up to everyone to check that they have access to this platform.


10 days prior to the event, all subscribers will receive an email invitation to join the event on the virtual application.
In order to use the virtual application, you must be registered to the conference and use the same email address you entered during registration to log in.
If you are not yet registered, please access our registration page here.

Principle: Mobile and/or Web

The virtual application is available on IOS® and Android®.
However, you can still use the web service which you can access through any device that can connect to the internet.
Please note that the networking function is not supported by the web version of the application.
Both apps provide the same functionality in different formats. To maximize engagement, we recommend that attendees explore the app using both the web app (better for attending paper sessions and participating in Q&A) and the mobile app (ideal for engaging in networking and email).